Brand Consulting


Building a strong brand involves a lot more than a fancy name and a whizzy logo.  Sure, both do a great job for your organisation but why not explore more with the long game in mind.  This approach will allow your customers and associates to remember and relate to your brand a passionate way.  Yes, branding is an emotional business.


Looking for a great catchy name that means a lot to you is always one of the first things that we do. But would it mean the same thing to the customers you want to attract? At Lyncs Media, we create a strong basis and a vision that clearly differentiates you from others in the market.  More than a name, you could expect an intuitive tagline, a logo, website, mission statement, social media strategy all done in a safe a secure environment so your idea remains yours and your intellectual property is protected.  We are here to create long-term value for your business.  Let’s help you bring your idea to life – come say hello!


Evolution is a constant theme in business and when things change, brands also need to evolve to stay relevant.  Let’s get your message clear with a theme that works for your current and future customers.  Our consulting services are tailored to your unique needs.  We work with you from initial concept, to design through to delivery of your new identity, via multiple channels. Our creative people have on average of 10+ years in business, marketing, design, strategy and sales to help you get your brand story out on time and within budget.  Fancy a free consultation – just say hello!

Visibility and growth

The growth and development of your brand is the responsibility of all your people.  Don’t just leave it to the marketing department or business owner to sort out.  We provide you with brand guidelines and tools to improve your visibility so your brand can grow and remain visibly present in your market. Each brand is different and it’s your positioning around your unique value that we will develop and promote.  Where do you want your business to be seen? More importantly who do you want to see how fantastic your business is? Is it time to say hello to us at Lyncs Media?

Your brand is ultimately at the heart of your business.  To grow the brand and improve your business visibility means making that highly emotional connection with your customers your number 1 priority. Are you getting your customers at hello?